What does TBH mean

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to correspond with English-speaking youth, you have certainly come across various enigmatic abbreviations such as YOLO, LOL. But do you know what TBH means and how you can use it? 

What does TBH mean?

TBH means “to be honest”. It is often used in messengers, internet conversations or text messages as a shorter form of this expression, has already penetrated into everyday speech. However, TBH also means another thing – an application!

TBH meaning

Popular shortcuts

  • THB – To be honest or honestly, honestly.
  • BTW – Another acronym means “by the way” or “by the way, by the way.”
  • ROFL – This is an acronym related to laughter and fun. It literally means “rolling on the floor laughing” or “rolling off the floor laughing”.
  • TTYL – A given shortcut can be deciphered as “talk to you later” – we’ll talk later.
  • EOD – End of debate / discussion is the full version of this acronym.
  • N2S – The abbreviation means “needles to say” – no need to add, of course, absolutely.
  • IDK – Acronym for “I don’t know” – I don’t know.
  • CUL8R – From the previous example, you learned what CU means, while L8R is “later”.

An application to create surveys – TBH

Did you know that there is an application called tbh?

Tbh was designed for people aged 13 and older. The application allows students to create anonymous surveys for themselves and friends. Facebook bought this application. how does it work Tbh is an application in which users send compliments to themselves anonymously. They are written in advance to avoid rude and negative comments that someone might maliciously write. Sending a compliment is a quiz. The person we choose gets an anonymous notification of a component that can improve their mood or self-esteem. People who we can give compliments to are chosen from those we have in contacts on the phone and have the tbh application installed. Simple right? And how brilliant!

By buying tbh, Facebook expands the arsenal of applications to fight Snapchat. Recent research has shown that Snapchat is the most popular social network among American teens.

The tbh application is available only in a few states in the USA. Despite this, it has already been downloaded over 5 million times in recent months. Users have already sent over a billion messages. Last month tbh hit the top of the list of the most popular and free applications in the App Store.

The four tbh founders – Nikita Bier, Erik Hazzard, Kyle Zaragoza and Nicolas Ducdodon – will move from startup headquarters in Oakland, California to Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley. They will continue to develop the application, and tbh will be a separate program to download from the App Store.



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