Is Facebook Better than Google Adwords

There is growing debate in the marketing community about the differences between what you are getting for what you pay to advertise on Google and Facebook. Recently there is growing support that Facebook has created a better system to improve business visibility than Google. If you are considering both options, you certainly should understand which option is best for you.

The main reason that Facebook is almost literally stealing the show when it comes to internet marketing is the fact that they have the means to target the right customers. Whether the company is business to business or business to consumer, their system targets the right customers through their algorithms. This is especially beneficial as it enables them to target a potential customer that has been lapsed repeatedly.

When it comes to the service that Google provides, it is based on the idea that they are grabbing the attention of potential customers by including your ad after a search has been done that matches your business’ keywords. However, consumers have become very aware of the difference between ads, and natural results are becoming less interesting choosing the options that are listed as ads. Additionally, compared to Facebook, this is quite limited as the consumer only sees information about your business if they take the time to complete a search.

Facebook is an entirely different animal when it comes to how they advertise to potential customers. They can target those that meet the same criteria as those that already use your product or service. They are also able to advertise to those that have taken the time to look at your website and evaluate goods and / or services, but never actually made a purchase. These abilities are the dream of any business. It gives those that may have gone with another option a reminder that your business can do the same as the others.

Additionally, Facebook has the entire largest audience for companies that you can find anywhere online. Their ads enable your business to target your market directly increasing your chances of converting a potential client or attracting one that didn’t even know that they were in need of your services. This is invaluable.

Not only does this create a positive environment for increasing your revenue, but it will also dramatically decrease your overall marketing expenses. You are not paying for your ad to be displayed to everyone, but instead are only paying to advertise to those that are interested in your services. One way that you can imagine this is being able to create a commercial that only those that are interested in your product will see. One example is ensuring that only women see your commercial about a razor designed specifically for shaving legs.

Facebook can target the audience based on their age, gender, location and more. This eliminates the money that can be wasted on generalized marketing. This is especially important for those that sell a product or service that has a very narrow market. Google, however, will advertise to anyone simply based on what they searched for online, which often can be quite general.

There are many options when it comes to marketing on the internet, and in the past, Google was considered one of the most profitable of these. However, with the growth of Facebook to a now whopping 1.2 billion users and their ability to target consumers based on their demographic, Google has become decreasingly attractive. It is ideal to use multiple avenues for marketing, but recent studies have shown that Facebook definitely should be one of them.


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