How to turn off Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone function is a useful service that allows you to find a lost or stolen iPhone via the website or using the Find My iPhone application on an iPad or Mac.

If you bought a used iPhone with the Find My iPhone location feature enabled, you may not want the previous owner to know where the smartphone is currently located. You may not want to be tracked at all.

How do I turn off Find My iPhone

The device must be connected to the Internet. One must enter the following menu: Settings, Cloud / (in iOS 13 or newer “Locator”) and Find my iPhone

iPhone will ask for the Apple ID password to disable the service.

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How to remove iPad from Find My iPhone

The procedure is the same for other iOS devices as for the iPhone. Go to Settings, tap iCloud, select Find My iPhone and set Off. Enter the password when the appropriate message appears.

How to remove MacBook from Find My Mac

Removing a MacBook from Find My iPhone (or Find My Mac, as it is understood to be called in this context) is a little different. To turn off Find My iPhone on a Mac, open System Preferences (from the Dock or by choosing the Apple menu in the top bar and selecting System Preferences), then click the iCloud icon (to the left of the third row, although this menu may look slightly different in different MacOS / Mac OS X systems).

Scroll to the bottom of the list and you’ll find next to My Computer Find My Mac, most likely with a blue check mark. Click if necessary to make sure that there is no check next to the entry.

How do I remove Find My iPhone from any computer

The device must be turned off or have no internet connection. Log in to using your Apple ID (used in iCloud).

If you’re using a different application in iCloud, click its name at the top of the window, then click Find My iPhone.

Click All devices at the top of the screen, select an inactive device, and then click Delete from account. If the Delete from account button is not displayed, click All devices again, and then click Delete (x) next to the device name.

What to do when the system asks for the previous owner Apple ID

The Find My iPhone / iPad / Mac function is a very useful tool, whose main purpose is to discourage theft of Apple equipment and possible help in finding stolen or lost equipment.

The disadvantage of this feature is that the previous owner of the equipment can track the device if he has not disabled this feature. In addition, it is not possible to restore the factory settings to full without disabling this function.

If, when you try to turn off Find My iPhone, the system asks you to provide an Apple ID that you do not know, there is nothing else to do but contact the previous owner of the device and ask for the Apple ID to be provided or entered.


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