How to open a wine bottle

Opening wine can be difficult if you do not know how to use different types of corkscrews. How many times have we broken the cork in half, crumbled it and landed in wine or you could not pull it out for an hour? Just master a few tricks to never have a similar problem again. What if we don’t have a corkscrew at hand?¬†How to open a wine bottle?

How to open a bottle of wine with a wine corkscrew?

Wing corkscrew is the most common tool for opening wine in our homes. It was designed in such a way that you do not have to put too much force into the whole process.

Remove the cap from the wine, then screw the screw into the cork, being careful not to puncture it. The wings will automatically go up. Then lower them while pressing down. The cap will slide out automatically. It should be slightly pulled up to get it to the end.

opening wine

How to open wine without a corkscrew:

  • scissors

Insert one scissor blade deep into the cork, place the other one across and start spinning. By unscrewing the cork, at the same time pry it slightly so that it goes up.

  • boot

Take off your shoe, put the bottle upside down and beat it against the wall with a heel until you remove the cork. If you have holes in your socks and are ashamed to take off your shoe, you can plant a book instead.

  • thrust

Place the bottle on a hard surface and push the stopper inside, e.g. with a marker or toothbrush. To make it easier, you can first pierce the cork with a thin skewer. Unfortunately, the taste of wine can be a bit “cork”.

  • screwdriver

Everyone’s favorite gadget. It will be a godsend when there is no corkscrew at home. Gently screw it into the cork, just like a corkscrew. Pull lightly and it’s ready!

  • metal nail file

Metal files are not healthy for our nails. However, if you have one with a pointed, sharp tip, you can try to open the wine with it! Of course, act like a screwdriver or corkscrew.

  • book

Put the book on the wall (preferably in a hard cover) and hit it with the bottom of the bottle. Be careful not to break it! This method helps to push the cork up in such a way that it can be removed by hand, but requires a feeling and a moment of patience.

How to open a wine bottle with an electric corkscrew?

Although it is not the fastest tool for opening wine, it is certainly the easiest to use. Actually, the electric corkscrew does all the work for us. Just remove the protective cap with the appropriate corkscrew element, then place the mouth of the bottle in the appropriate hole, press the button and wait for the cork to come out.

How to open a bottle of wine with smokeye?

Just hold the bottle of wine well, use a knife to cut the protective foil three times. Then screw the crush screw into the cork carefully so as not to break it – the liquor cannot come into contact with metal. We pull out the cork, preferably at once. We believe that it will not make a characteristic sound (“plum”). We smell the cork to see if the wine is broken. We can try alcohol.


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