How to enable cookies

“Cookies” are IT data, in particular text files, which are stored on the website user’s end device. Cookies are most often used to optimize the process of using websites. They are also used to collect statistical data that allows you to identify how users use websites. How to enable cookies? 

How to split cookies

Cookies can be divided into session (temporary) and permanent ones. Session cookies are stored on the user’s device to log out of the website or disable the web browser. Permanent cookies are stored for a defined period of time, which is determined by the parameter contained in the cookie file. The user also has the option of manually deleting all or selected “cookies”

How can I enable cookies

Google Chrome

In the upper right corner of the screen, select More (3 dots) and then Settings. At the bottom choose “Advanced”. In the “Privacy and security” section, click “Content settings.” Select “Cookies” and then select “Allow sites to save and read cookie data”.

enabling cookies

Microsoft Internet Explorer

In the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, the menu bar is hidden by default. To open it, press the left Alt or F10 key and choose “Tools” from the menu, and the last item “Internet options” from the open menu.

Click the Privacy tab, and then under Settings, move the slider to “Medium” or “Low” to save cookies, and then click OK.

Mozilla Firefox

In the upper right corner, select More (3 lines) and then Options.

In the new tab from the menu on the left select “Privacy and security”.

Select “Custom” and then allow cookies on the site. If you use TransferWise in Firefox and you see the shield icon in the URL, it means that Firefox is blocking some content on our site. If you click on the icon and you see that cookie blocking is enabled, select “Disable blocking for this site.”


Configuring cookie settings gives you control over how Opera handles them. By default, the browser accepts all cookies.


In the upper left corner choose Safari. Select Options. In the window that appears, select “Privacy Policy”. In the Cookies and website data section, uncheck “Block all cookies”. Close the window.

Cookies are not so bad

  • It is worth remembering that cookies are not used to identify users and on their basis no identity is determined in any way; cookies identify computer and browser data used to browse websites – they allow, for example, to find out whether a given computer has already visited the website.
  • The data obtained from “cookies” are in no way combined with personal data of users obtained, e.g. during registration on websites; they are not harmful to us or to our computers or smartphones – they do not affect the way they work. 
  • They do not cause configuration changes in end devices or in the software installed on these devices, and default parameters of “cookies” allow you to read the information contained therein only to the server that created them.



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