How to ask for a raise

Asking for a raise is frightening. And overwhelming. And complicated. Nobody really likes to talk about money in this way. The most important thing you have to do is to be prepared as best you can. Your task is to show why you deserve a higher salary. So how do you prepare for such a conversation? How to ask for a raise?

Start with the positives

Taylor advises that you start the conversation with something positive, like: “I really enjoy working here and I find my projects challenging. I feel that my work has widened a little last year. I think my role, responsibility and responsibilities have increased. I would like to talk to you about pay, “or” I would like to talk about my career and how I can do my job best. “

Scenario and list of reasons why you should get a raise

In your head you can create a scenario of such a meeting and conversation. It is known that there may be several variants of the situation development, so create them, analyze them. Save and practice. Do not go to the meeting with “empty hands”, get ready in advance.

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Examine the list of specific reasons why you deserve a raise. Present them in a logical and convincing way. Also, don’t be surprised, have several options for developing your conversation. I will repeat: write them down and practice them, preferably out loud, to ensure some peace of mind in implementing the intended guidelines. Use pro-active words, i.e. future, development, satisfaction, growth, sales, generate, profit, motivation, company, results, positive, ambitions, results, success etc.

Don’t tell your story

Don’t mention private matters. Don’t tell your boss that you can’t afford the rent or that you need a raise to cover your expenses. Focus on the achievements and value you bring to the company.

Time to ask for a higher salary

Adjust the time of your question for a higher salary accordingly. Certainly don’t ask at some particularly stressful moment for your boss or company. Someone will say: and there is no such time. But are you sure? Try to ask when new funds will appear, when the new tax year will start or when you think your employer can easily take into account the increase in salary. Find out when your company’s budget planning is taking place to make sure you don’t ask for the impossible. In some companies, the time of annual performance assessments (if any) is also a good moment. Believe, if your boss is particularly stressed and overworked, this is probably not the best time to raise this topic. If you can, wait and ask during “silence”, at least when you see that your supervisor is in a good mood.

You can also try when you get new responsibilities, e.g. after a leaving employee. You have new responsibilities and you know that you will soon have much more work? Be sure to tell your supervisor! There is a good chance that in such circumstances it will agree to change the amount of remuneration.


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