Is Facebook Better than Google Adwords?

There is growing debate in the marketing community about the differences between what you are getting for what you pay to advertise on Google and Facebook. Recently there is growing support that Facebook has created a better system to improve business visibility than Google. If you are considering both options, you certainly should understand which option is best for you.

The main reason that Facebook is almost literally stealing the show when it comes to internet marketing is the fact that they have the means to target the right customers. Whether the company is business to business or business to consumer, their system targets the right customers through their algorithms. This is especially beneficial as it enables them to target a potential customer that has been lapsed repeatedly.

When it comes to the service that Google provides, it is based on the idea that they are grabbing the attention of potential customers by including your ad after a search has been done that matches your business’ keywords. However, consumers have become very aware of the difference between ads, and natural results are becoming less interesting choosing the options that are listed as ads. Additionally, compared to Facebook, this is quite limited as the consumer only sees information about your business if they take the time to complete a search.

Facebook is an entirely different animal when it comes to how they advertise to potential customers. They can target those that meet the same criteria as those that already use your product or service. They are also able to advertise to those that have taken the time to look at your website and evaluate goods and / or services, but never actually made a purchase. These abilities are the dream of any business. It gives those that may have gone with another option a reminder that your business can do the same as the others.

Additionally, Facebook has the entire largest audience for companies that you can find anywhere online. Their ads enable your business to target your market directly increasing your chances of converting a potential client or attracting one that didn’t even know that they were in need of your services. This is invaluable.

Not only does this create a positive environment for increasing your revenue, but it will also dramatically decrease your overall marketing expenses. You are not paying for your ad to be displayed to everyone, but instead are only paying to advertise to those that are interested in your services. One way that you can imagine this is being able to create a commercial that only those that are interested in your product will see. One example is ensuring that only women see your commercial about a razor designed specifically for shaving legs.

Facebook can target the audience based on their age, gender, location and more. This eliminates the money that can be wasted on generalized marketing. This is especially important for those that sell a product or service that has a very narrow market. Google, however, will advertise to anyone simply based on what they searched for online, which often can be quite general.

There are many options when it comes to marketing on the internet, and in the past, Google was considered one of the most profitable of these. However, with the growth of Facebook to a now whopping 1.2 billion users and their ability to target consumers based on their demographic, Google has become decreasingly attractive. It is ideal to use multiple avenues for marketing, but recent studies have shown that Facebook definitely should be one of them.

How and Why Does an Ad Campaign Fail?

Sometimes, ad campaigns fail. When this happens, everyone wants to know why. Let’s take a moment and examine why ad campaigns sometimes fail.

Failure To Reach Target Audience

First, to understand the basics of ad campaigns, the goal is to reach a target audience and encourage people to choose a specific product. Typically, when ad campaigns fail, it’s due to a fundamental mistake that is being made in the campaign.

Perhaps the ads aren’t targeting the correct audience. If the ads aren’t in front the right people, then they’re not reaching the target audience.


No one is going to click on an ad that they’re not interested in. Always make sure that the ad campaign is broad enough to encompass the right people. Young and old alike may like some product while others are designed specifically for one audience or another.

The goal is to get people to click on the ads. Try broadening the range or narrowing it and see what that does to resolve this issue. You may have to tweak it a few times to determine what the issue is. Some companies are known for link baiting their audience into clicking their ads. It’s a common practice in the media industry, it can work if done right.


You’ll need to know the age, the gender, and the job skills for your target audience. Don’t worry about ethnicity or religion if at all possible, you don’t want to offend anyone.

Imagine what their day looks like, and you can begin to focus on how to design the ad for appeal. Only when you put yourself in the target audience’s shoes will you fully comprehend what they are seeking.

Learn To Read Your Reports

If you take the time to learn to read the reports you can literally rewrite ads to reach the right audience.

Read your “page likes” on your social media pages and see what the common denominator is. When you see that everyone is in a specific age bracket, you’re on to something.

Sometimes it’s seasonal; sometimes it’s a region. Read and reread these reports to find out who is liking your pages and why. It’s very eye-opening and will help you to retarget the ad if need be.


Are you correctly using backlinks? Backlinks are links that you put in articles, comments sections, and other strategic locations to guide people to your website.

The best places to put these are in areas where people may be searching for information on your product or services. Check out the competition or sites that are similar and leave a nice, polite comment with a backlink to your site.

Ask other webmasters if you can swap backlinks with them. Ask them to share yours in exchange for sharing their backlink. In this fashion, you’re guiding potential customers to your website. If you’re not correctly using this as part of your ad campaign, you may be missing out on a lot of potential clients.


Are you using the right AdWords for your ad campaign? If not, you’re not going to be reaching your target audience.

You’ll want to find out what the best SEO methods are and utilize them to reach the target audience.

You may find that you need to employ a professional for this as it’s more than just understanding what is trending and what is not trending.

You Get What You Pay For

Are you willing to spend what it takes to reach your target audience? Low bids will equal lower exposure so be sure that you’re ready to pay for more exposure.

It’s vital to remain competitive when it comes to bids. You don’t want to sell yourself short. You’ll want to get the most out of your advertising bucks and encourage others to go to your site.


Many webmasters fail to update often enough. Algorithms update several times per year. This means that webmasters must update their methods several times per year to keep up with the competition.

If you’re not updating often enough, you’re missing out on a lot of potential visitors to your site. If your ad campaign is failing, this may be why.


Are your ads relevant to your site? If not, they’re out the window. No one is going to click on an ad campaign that has nothing to do with what they are looking for.

Ensure that your ad campaign is entirely relevant and that it fits your website perfectly. In this fashion, you can guide users to your site as well.

Location Location Location

It’s all about location. Where are your ads located at? Are they in the middle? Are they on a sidebar? Are they teeny tiny and easy to overlook?

Ask yourself these questions. Open any website and where does your eye naturally go when you’re glancing at ads? Do they flow easily to the right or left? How about to the center?

Determine whether you need a headline ad or a sidebar ad. Each ad will work differently. It’s fascinating to see that some audiences prefer one ad style over another.

The trick is to determine which style is best for your specific needs.

Now that you have a few ideas as to why an ad campaign may have failed, you have some ways to begin to focus on repairs. Remember to do this one tweak at a time so that you don’t miss out on what is working. Often it’s just a subtle change that you make without a lot of hassle.